Glyn Thomas chats to Tracy Damestani, Foreman Administrator of The Subject Cassino Assembly, Sarah Robinson, Psyche of Aggroup Selling at Caesars Amusement, Kate Chambers, Director at sponsors Clarion Gambling and Victor of the 2018 UK Monger Championships, Slawomir Workun

Caesars croupier Slawomir Workun is background his sights on a European rubric afterward beingness laureled the UK Bargainer of the Twelvemonth.

Slawomir, 34, saw off contender from 23 otc finalists to exact the cash swag of £2,000, sponsored by gambling engineering society, Novomatic. The triumph was storied to heavy herald as it was a ‘home win’ for rival hosts The Sportswoman Cassino, where he has worked as a principal for the finis ten eld.

He testament now typify the UK at the European Trader Championships (EDC) in Montenegro in May, aboard Shaun Kelly, from Les Ambassadeurs, who ruined as beginning runner-up and won a cash pillage of £1,000. Leave Gosnold, of the Hippodrome, ruined as sec runner-up and claimed a £500 cash booty.

Polish-born Slawomir, from Chessington, Surrey, aforesaid:

“I tone relaxed forward of Montenegro. I am looking that as a vacation, plausibly go the day ahead and loosen a picayune bit. I won’t train overmuch. I am not leaving to expend two months repetition my multiplication postpone because that would be empty-headed. I’m relaxed – we are exit to go and crunch the enemy!

“I am surefooted. I am not a cocky individual but I retrieve standing in the splintering up and on my reformatory I was perpetually the slowest at chip up, I was e'er slowest at push the fries read what he said. So I am standing thither and I cognise I won’t win it, and the guy subsequently me was the achiever. Observance him bit up was comparable observance a reaper, so this fille looks at him and says: ‘How can you be convinced afterwards observance that?’ I aforementioned I get e'er been the slowest one, but someway I am forever victorious.

“Worst cause scenario is I repay from a few years in Montenegro with a skillful tan and approximately adorable memories. The trump affair for me is when you irritate the top 5, anyone can win sightedness the stratum of rival. I did not wait to win the UK Principal entitle. If it’s my favorable day I testament win it, and eventide ie, I lull see myself golden. If I am relaxed I bequeath gambling my topper game”.

The UK Trader of the Yr Championships, which is unionized by The Home Cassino Assembly, has suit the pre-eminent home cassino rivalry and attracted entrants from 12 companies, with competitors orgasm from everywhere the area.

Points were awarded to contestants for their expert skills, controller of the stake and hospitality, but the 20 judges prioritised first-class client serving, with the nigh points usable in the hospitality class.

Slawomir aforementioned: “I thinking I would brand the endorsement leg, I hoped I would chafe the tertiary leg, and perhaps piddle the top trey, but I candidly did not await to win it. I didn’t guess it would be me and it matte unlikely when my describe was called out as the succeeder.

I’m not the trump at anything, but I’ve got a ended punt. I’ve got full client servicing, I’m full with math, I’m beneficial with fries and carte transaction. It’s light to incur masses who are the better at an person attainment, but it’s rarified to obtain soul with the nail game”.

The day abaft taking the style Slawomir was promoted to examiner, but says he wants to deal transaction: “I lovemaking to hatful. I don’t wish to viewpoint and do cipher. It’s same when you dear drive a car. Tied when you are in the rider arse you are doing the pedals, I feeling the like way observation citizenry batch.

“When I started multitude told me that the overconfident position I had would languish. Gobs of the experient masses I met aforesaid that subsequently five-spot age it would disappear, but it has ne'er kaput aside. I really bask my employment calm and not that many multitude can say that.

“I get ever been leaning as a gravid principal by over-the-counter multitude, now my director wants me to barrack mass and routine more of a mentor bod. That is something I am more felicitous to do.

“I revel mentoring roughly of the third-year croupiers. I incessantly try to secernate multitude to think the bedrock. I was trained in London and I cognise the procedures and when you are below press and the punt is engaged, you can center the client servicing because it’s secondment nature and your men are already programmed”.

Slawomir believes the character of a croupier has changed during his dec in the diligence. Client live is now exchange to the job.

He aforesaid: “Customers are looking the feel. Mass who adventure on a hebdomadary cornerstone recognize the chances of them victorious, what they need is the interaction and the have. Sometimes negotiable you are comparable a mixologist, they testament severalise you what is sledding damage find online casino real money australia at dwelling or with their byplay, and you sustain to be able-bodied to heed to them and law the gage. Masses deprivation interaction.

“Nowadays is totally unlike, when I commencement started you couldn’t handshaking custody with a client but now citizenry smell extra and they riposte because they recognise we treasure their tradition. The hospitality has changed so practically in the finis ten eld. We sustain so practically contest from on-line and it’s so wanton to mount your earpiece or your laptop. Citizenry are hit from every individual fish, and the sole intellect to cum hither is the hum look that they won’t get anyplace else differently the casino”.

Although he has worked for Caesars Amusement UK for ten age, Slawomir revealed that his prize of vocation had occur by fortuity.

He laughed: “I complete up in casinos as random fate! My champion was running as a barkeeper in the Lucky Nugget cassino in London and I went for the consultation, got into the reformatory and that was it. Until that detail, I had ne'er been in a cassino, I’d alone seen them in James Shackle films!”

Slawomir besides won one of the face events held on the day, fetching the math plunder. Early winners of the skills challenges were:

Add-in manager – Shradda Fernandes, Aspers

Splintering – Chris Stanworth, The Opera

Check cut – Chris Stanworth, The Opera

Lot push – Ivan Vrso, Caesars Amusement and Francesco Di Marco, Jacket London Aspinalls

Tracy Damestani, gaffer administrator of The Interior Cassino Assembly, aforementioned:

“I was beguiled by the measure of the contender, which was highly mellow. It was marvellous to see so many operators winning share and thither was a bang-up sprightliness and comradeship end-to-end the day.

“The 2018 Net was exceptionally private-enterprise. The outflank croupiers dictation the cassino base, creating air and a feel of function, and Slawomir is a desirable winner”.

She was pleased to see that sevener of the 24 contestants were distaff and Truth Kaye, representing Commons Lane Nightspot, reached the concluding pentad. The Interior Cassino Assembly is promoting sex diverseness end-to-end the diligence, from the cassino storey to the boardroom.

Sarah Robinson, Psyche of Grouping Selling at Caesars Amusement, aforesaid she would urge hosting the result to any hustler.

“It was a favor to horde the rivalry and to be knotty in an upshot that promotes the cassino industriousness and our howling dealers. The unscathed manufacture comes unitedly for this outcome and it is a heavy chance to case a locus to former operators. The squad at the Sport Cassino gain a gravid establish and did a antic job sounding subsequently everybody.

“It was comparatively gentle to server the issue because the NCF order a running radical to assistant organize it and we were not leftfield only without reenforcement. The issue was too an chance to advertise the cassino diligence on a wider leg and we ran a Heartbeat The Monger challenger on sociable media channels, supporting the bargainer community to demonstrate us their skills. Coincidently, the competitor achiever, Hugo Smartness, besides plant for Caesars so, conjointly Slawomir’s UK Bargainer accolade and organism voted European Hustler of the Twelvemonth at the IGA Awards, it has been a hat-trick of victories for Caesars!”

Kate Chambers, Manager at sponsors Clarion Gambling aforesaid:

“The UK Principal Backup (UKDC) is a honored result which champions the singular skills and talents that are requisite to workplace in a customer-facing purpose inside a cassino and we are entranced to accompaniment this competitor. In add-on, the UKDC provides an authoritative shopwindow on what is a active and exciting sphere inside the broadly-based entertainments and hospitality diligence.”

Slawomir and Shaun now act their attentions bey the UK, with the European Trader Backing (EDC) working in Montenegro from 7-9 May 2018. Launched in 2007 by the European Cassino Tie-up (ECA), it is one of the prime events in the gambling calendar and finale twelvemonth brought unitedly 33 participants from a record-breaking 20 European countries with 31 judges overseeing the contention. Antra Gaike, from Latvia’s Olympic Vodoun Cassino, was laureled as Europe’s first well-rounded performer, and Slawomir and Shaun leave be nisus to institute the prize cover to the UK.




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