Form your own pirate crew in search of legendary treasure, fight battles with simple tap controls, and relive moments from the One Piece story. One Piece Treasure Cruise is finally ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE available for download on both the Android and iOS devices. The Treasure Cruise version is a tap battle version of the game and plays very similar to Magia Break or Brave Frontier.

In Foosha village, Luffy was with Red-haired Shanks, whom he idolized. That was the person who made Luffy want to become a pirate and after growing up Luffy went out to sea and built his own Straw Hat crew. Your task is using the characters in your collection to form a team of six. With the number of characters up to more than 2000, you can make countless squads and of course, it can be a super strong or super weak lineup.

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There are special restrictions in the game, so it`s impossible to have all the best characters, although they cost a lot of gold. In the next mission of One Piece Treasure Cruise, you can take a good captain to the team, whom you can also manage, like the rest of the characters and your captain. He has a unique ability, spreading to the whole team an ability to improve the skills of all the characters.

The sailor abilities of One Piece Treasure Cruise allow him to get immuned from paralysis and it also increases the HP, attack and RCV of the crew members. He deals normal and high damage to the opponents with his special abilities. These abilities also help him to boost the chain multiplier. The One Piece Treasure Cruise has more than 2000 characters from which you have to pick six of them to make a pirate squad. Your squad has to fight against the other pirates who rule the seas and the oceans.

Big Mom Pirates

With every new turn, your character gains one skill point. You may have to wait a few rounds to gain skill points and then use a special to deal massive damage to enemies. When you see a meat slot icon on a character, wait for the action words to come a little closer and then tap on them.

  • She is only useful due to her special, and she is the evolution path that needs a crab, like Golden Pound, but she will only be used against INT raid bosses.
  • From time to time, you have the chance to recruit on a Sugo Fest where you can get limited characters for your lineup.
  • Nekomamushi isn't exactly known for being the most outstanding of Cerebral leads, after all.
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  • On each island, you have to fight against many foes like Buggy the clown, Arlong, or even a yonko like Big Mom.
  • You can use the tap controls to combine attacks and cause massive damage to your opponents.

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