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Poetical terminology is one of the nigh melodious and particular languages in the man. Its reprint row, combinations of dustup, and the unharmed sentences are characterized by sealed meanings and purposes. To grasp the heart of the substance offered by the source in the poem, it is essential to pay especial tending to its apiece watchword. Gina Valdes is illustrious by incredible stress and metaphysical features in her verse, and English Con Salsa is one of her brightest poems that is entire of enthralling and witty dustup.

Their colours, abilities to distinguish average things in the nigh interesting slipway, and connecter to ethnical and sociable aspects draw reader’s aid from the beginning lines. Poetical speech and compounding of English and Spanish put-upon by Valdes is unparalleled so and makes the lecturer take these two dissimilar languages as one unit whole; in English Con Salsa, the generator is not afraid to frolic with both English and Spanish language in rescript to excuse their signification and their peculiarities.


Use of speech and their meanings . It is identical crucial to take the nature of the championship of the poem. English Con Salsa . It becomes crystalize that the source makes use of two utterly dissimilar cultures, English and Spanish, in her own way and enjoys the results she achieves. The theme of dichotomy is not new, and it is not that hard to apprehend what the source wants to interpret and evince. One of the get-go expressions that draw my care is “welcome, muchachos…learn the lyric of dolares and dolores” (Valdes 251).

hese lines prove that the source tries to need dissimilar multitude into this poem: those who experience lots some English finish, those who experience a fiddling around English custom, and those who recognise lots approximately Spanish elan of aliveness and are bore to hear more around English traditions. It is not decent to grasp the pregnant of ramify lyric therein poem; it is more crucial to recognise why they are secondhand hither and what they interpret. English is not a dim-witted speech.

English is the nomenclature of “king and queens, of Donald Evade and Batman… George Washington” (Valdes 251). To arrive more alike a Spanish poem, the source trust the language of both languages and precede the mind of English words by substance of Spanish expressions: “English con sal y limon” or students’ want to verbalize English “refrito” or “requinto” (Valdes 251).

If all these speech are interpreted individually, it becomes ninety-six unmanageable to compass their meanings and author’s conclusion to use them. Haunt use of names both English and Spanish may interrupt forthwith because it is unsufferable to guessing that they are equitable names. This is why it is useless to separate this poem into about parts with around language but take it as one matter, one report, and one content.

Turn of run-in . I was enjoyably astonished how Valdes can easy gambling with language and with the lines. I delight this poem because my bilingualist scope allows me to dig both Spanish and English messages. Notwithstanding, the rules of the gamey introduced by Valdes get progressively refine that makes me issue a feeling in the lexicon and exposit my storey of noesis. I was xcvii unconnected with the use of one English tidings “jug”.


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I live such combinations ilk stiff gun, stiff ballock, cadaver pot, etcetera. But it is unacceptable to find a unclutter definition, a concrete epitome of the combining “clay jug”. It is requirement but stillness inconceivable to savvy what the writer wants to secern. Let it be her own rules of the punt where she continues to swordplay. And I recollect that but those readers who can easy have the suggested rules may sure savour the results, author’s content, and such fascinating combining of two unlike languages.


The primary thought of her poesy is elucidate. I delight apiece tidings. Fifty-fifty aft various eld of perusal English, around mass may stillness solution “Si” to the head “Do you address English?” It should not be a signal of humming impuissance or unfitness to remember and talk the elect terminology.

It is upright a substantiation that citizenry are devoted to one indigene nomenclature and cannot shit it. Gina Valdes shares her own imaginativeness of Spanish and English languages in her English Con Salsa , and the subscriber has the correct to scan it trough the end and relish or to be unconnected and not able-bodied to destination recital.

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