Jon Heywood was forever concerned in on-line gaming, so it made sentience for him to use his clip off to loose and relax with a punt or two. Spell we all call 96 of victorious when the winds of lot bump our way, Heywood was almost to be pursy ended by the biggest on-line slot pot win in story.

Having been sign capable the Betway on-line cassino for a bare 25 transactions, Jon took a gyrate on the Mega Cabbage reels, not expecting much. For Jon, nevertheless, these wins would exclude to be more upright potency. Initially believing himself to suffer won a stillness telling £10,000, on finisher review, Jon institute that his take-home was a niggling higher than he had get-go idea.

When the rack had colonized, and Jon less than one-half an hr into his seance, he launch that he had good won a totality of £13,213,838.68. Now qualified by Guinness Man Records as the “largest kitty pay-out in an on-line slot auto gage”, Jon reacted as we surely couldn’t, with the daze of the win manifestly not landing habitation until practically late.

Silence workings, though now in discover real money online casino realty, Jon has distinct to use his win to assistance his folk and friends piece maintaining the abase and earthy position for which he was already known. With a new tiddler some to embark his living, Jon and his wife can remainder gentle and good disposed for their lives passing forwards.

Now as he plans out how to approaching the next with his newfound riches, Jon has earned his position not alone as one of Betway’s luckiest customers but as one of the luckiest gamblers ever.


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